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2009年1月21日 (水)

Seagate 問題:いい加減、情報確定しないかなぁ・・・(2009/01/21 13:00 JST)

いつのまにか、「SV35シリーズ」が対象から消えていました・・・そして、「manufactured through December 2008」が復活しました。

また、ST3500320AS, ST3640330AS, ST3750330AS, ST31000340ASについて、


Firmware Recommendations for Barracuda 7200.11, ES.2 SATA, and DiamondMax 22 Drives [207931]

Welcome, Seagate hard drive owners. A number of Seagate hard drives from the following families may become inaccessible when the host system is powered on:

* Barracuda 7200.11
* DiamondMax 22
* Barracuda ES.2 SATA

Once a drive has become affected the data becomes inaccessible to users but the data is not deleted. Seagate has isolated this issue to a firmware bug affecting drives from these families manufactured through December 2008.

Please use the following tools and instructions to determine if you have one of the affected products. If your drive is affected, we recommend that you update the firmware on the disk drive to prevent this condition.

To identify your drive, retrieve the model number, serial number and firmware revision without removing your drive. There are multiple methods:

1. Seagate DriveDetect.exe method (recommended)
Click here to download Drive Detect:
When running Drive Detect you will see a screen like this. Look for the drives that are attached:
In the example above the Drive Name is the same as the Model: ST31500341AS, the serial number is 9VS00J20 and the firmware revision is SD1A.

2. Device Manager Method :
Use Microsoft Windows Device Manager to see the model numbers of your disk drive.
- Choose Start | Run | type: devmgmt.msc
- Click Ok.
- Expand the Disk Drive branch to see the model numbers:

3. Seatools for Windows Method:
Download SeaTools for Windows which displays all of the required information.

After determining your serial, model and firmware revision please attempt to find your model in the following list of affected models. If you have one of these drives you can choose it from the list for model-specific instructions to update the firmware.

* Barracuda 7200.11
ST31000340AS, ST3750330AS, ST3640330AS, ST3500320AS,
ST31500341AS, ST31000333AS, ST3640323AS, ST3640623AS, ST3320613AS,
ST3320813AS, ST3160813AS

* Barracuda ES.2 SATA
ST31000340NS, ST3750330NS, ST3500320NS, ST3250310NS

* DiamondMax 22
STM31000340AS, STM3750330AS, STM3500320AS,
STM31000334AS, STM3320614AS, STM3160813AS

If you need assistance updating your firmware you can email us directly at disksupport@seagate.com Please include the following disk drive information: serial number, model number, and current firmware revision. We will respond to your email request with appropriate instructions.

Firmware Update for ST3500320AS, ST3640330AS, ST3750330AS, ST31000340AS [207951]

The software and information in this article could be data destructive and/or render your hard drive inoperable if not followed carefully. It is always recommended to keep a backup of critical data.

This article applies to the following models:

* Drive Family
Seagate Barracuda 7200.11
* Models Affected
* Firmware Affected
SD15, SD16, SD17, SD18, SD19
* Recommended Firmware Update Status
In Validation*

Please verify your drive model number, serial number, and firmware revision using the Drive Detect software.

*Note: This file has been temporarily taken offline as of Jan 19, 2008 8PM CST for validation.

If your drive matches one of the models listed in this article and does not match any of these versions of firmware, your drive is not affected.
If you are still unsure if this applies to your drive, please submit an email to disksupport@seagate.com. Please enter the model number, serial number, and firmware revision into the subject line of the email.


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